Christmas Float

Christmas Float

We can now confirm that Sawley Parish Council's ( Covid safe) Road Trip will take place Saturday 12th December starting from 4pm and will tour Sawley.

The route will cover the following streets.

Leave the Co-op by 16.00 turn Right onto Draycott Road,

Beresford Road,

Peveril Crescent, Rowsley,

Wilmot Street, VIctoria Street

Left towards the train station, under the bridge and all the way round the roundabout.

Then onto Rosevelt, Austen Avenue and continue onto Lakeside,

Tamworth Road, Neatherfield, Reedman, Lock Lane, Kingsley Crescent- back onto Tamworth Road,

Onto Wilne Road, Repton Road, Ingleby, Haddon Way -

Left back onto Ingleby Road,

Draycott Road and go Past the Co-op

Left onto Grosevenor

Right onto Portland onto Shafsbury.

At the end of Road Right onto Tamworth Road and right onto Draycott Road, then onto as many roads on the left side - then back to the Co-op.

The Parish Council are unable to give times at each section but the whole journey is likely to take slightly less that two hours.

Please try and keep cars parked on one side on each street to assist the journey of the float.

Listen out for Christmas Music and give a wave to Santa, Mickey, Minnie and friends at Sawley's Christmas Float

Posted: Wed, 09 Dec 2020 09:22 by Bethany Colegate

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