Reporting Incidents To Police

Reporting Incidents To Police

Derbyshire Constabulary have offered the following advice for reporting incidents to the Police:

We are aware that sometimes suspicious incidents, thefts and or antisocial behaviour get posted on local social media groups rather than being reported to Police. We do not monitor these sites therefore, if posted there and not reported to us also, we will not be aware of the issues people are facing.

There are now several ways to contact Derbyshire Constabulary, these being-

* Face Book- Send a private message to the main Derbyshire Constabulary Facebook page.
* Twitter- Send a private message to @DerPolContact
* Website -Complete the online contact form
* Telephone - 101 for Non Emergency incidents. Don't think it is not worth doing this. Even if we are unable to respond, every report builds up a picture of incidents in an area and helps us plan our response.

Posted: Sat, 15 Jun 2019 12:33 by Bethany Colegate

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