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Flying Pride Flag on Community Flag pole

Flying Pride Flag on Community Flag pole

The Sawley Community raised the Pride Flag on Sunday 14th June 2020, The Flag will fly proudly from the Community Flag pole - until the end of the month.

The flag was raised by Parish Councillors Frazer Stanko And Jamie Carmichael- two younger members of the Parish Council.

Parish Councillors voted unanimously to fly the flag following a request from residents in Sawley and in recognition of the LGBT+... Read More »

Posted: Tue, 16 Jun 2020 10:33 by Bethany Colegate

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Bill Camm, Memorial Bench and Planter

Bill Camm, Memorial Bench and Planter

Installation of 'Living Memorial' to Bill Camm finally agreed.

East Midlands Homes agree to Parish Council request to allow installation of bench and planter in memory of the late Bill Camm.

Patrick Walker, the surveyor for East Midlands Homes, met with Sawley Parish Councillors, Alan Chewings & Denise Bond and to agreed to the location of the 'living memorial' to Bill Camm - who served Sawley for... Read More »

Posted: Fri, 05 Jun 2020 10:10 by Bethany Colegate

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Looking after Sawley War Memorial

Looking after Sawley War Memorial

Maintenance work has been carried out on the Sawley War Memorial on behalf of Sawley Parish Council.
The top flag stones along the planters have been removed, chipped and cemented into place.
Work was carried out by the Parish Council's contractor: Tudor Maintenance & Garden Landscaping.
Planting has also taken place in the two planters at the Memorial - again sponsored by the Parish Council.
The Vice... Read More »

Posted: Mon, 01 Jun 2020 08:46 by Bethany Colegate

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VE DAY   FRIDAY 8th MAY 2020

Just like other communities, Sawley held two events this afternoon.

The first to remember those who lost their lives during the Second World War- in Europe and beyond - both military and civilian.

Parish Councillors from both political parties laid floral tributes along with a local resident representing the military veterans.

The second ceremony was to raise the flag from half mast to full mast in recognition... Read More »

Posted: Fri, 08 May 2020 19:13 by Bethany Colegate

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From Derbyshire County Council

Community Response Unit launched to help those in need

Our Community Response Unit is now ready to take requests for assistance from members of the community who don't have friends or family able to help them.

Help is available for people across the county if they are:

  • Self-isolating because either themselves or a member of the household is at risk
  • Struggling to meet basic needs because of financial, social... Read More »

Posted: Sat, 28 Mar 2020 10:30 by Bethany Colegate

Tags: Covid - 19

Aid for the Vunrable during Covid-19 pandemic

CORONOVIRUS COVID-19 Vulnerable Persons

Have been informed that funds have been made available to Erewash council from central government to support vulnerable persons to that end those persons considering themselves following the government guidelines as vulnerable should register on the website so that the local authorities have your details and can provide you with what you need.

GOV.UK... Read More »

Posted: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 08:20 by Bethany Colegate

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Please feel free to email the Clerk with any issues or questions.

Posted: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 08:15 by Bethany Colegate

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March's Parish Council Meeting

It has been decided that it would be a good idea to move the Parish Council meeting forwards one week due to the current pandemic situation in the UK.

Sawley residents are as always more than welcome to attend but please be mindful off the current government advice with regards to social distancing.

Should you or anyone whom you have been in contact with be displaying the symptoms of Covid-19 we respectfully... Read More »

Posted: Wed, 18 Mar 2020 16:09 by Bethany Colegate

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Autumn Planting

Autumn Planting

Where next in Sawley?
Sawley is looking good with displays of Spring Flowers, despite the atrocious weather recently.
Last Autumn members of the public, local church groups and Parish Councillors spent time planting bulbs, bought by Sawley Parish Council.
We now want to do more spring bulb planting this autumn and would welcome views of residents on areas that should be planted.
Feel free to give us your... Read More »

Posted: Tue, 10 Mar 2020 16:20 by Bethany Colegate

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Bill Camm, Memorial Bench and Planter

Bill Camm, Memorial Bench and Planter

Does anyone know of a close relative of the late Bill Camm? Daughter / Son.

At the latest meeting of Sawley Parish Council, Local Councillors unanimously agreed to set aside the funding for a living memorial (A large planter and bench) to be placed on the Corner of Wilmot Street and Kedleston Close, near to where Bill lived.

It's hoped the memorial will be established ready for summer planting and the... Read More »

Posted: Tue, 03 Mar 2020 13:44 by Bethany Colegate

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