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  • Presentation of Memorial Plaques to the Parish Council from Martin Wright.

    Presentation of Memorial Plaques to the Parish Council from Martin Wright.

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Sawley School gets £1000

Sawley School gets £1000

Posted: Fri, 27 Nov 2020 14:38 by Bethany Colegate

Sawley School gets £1,000 towards outdoor play & gym equipment.

Karen Bowers, the Chair of Governors and Friends of Sawley School is seen receiving a cheque for £1,000 from the Vice Chair of Sawley Parish Council, Cllr Dave Doyle.

"The Parish Council was delighted to award the grant towards the funding of outdoor equipment at the school", said Cllr Alan Chewings, Chair of the Parish Council. More »

On receiving the cheque Karen Bowers, thanked the Parish Council, saying

" this grant will go along way in helping us achieve our goal of buying new outdoor equipment for the hundreds of children who attend Sawley Junior School." » Less

Rembrance 2020 - Covid Guidelines

Rembrance 2020 - Covid Guidelines

Posted: Sat, 31 Oct 2020 19:28 by Bethany Colegate

This year's Sawley's act of remembrance will take place on Sunday, 8th November.Participants are asked to be in place by 10.45 am and note the Fresh guidelines that have been issued by government concerning this year's Remembrance Sunday event.Basically it makes it clear that community representatives, voluntary groups, veterans and members of the public who wish to attend to lay wreaths can do so.The event must be kept short and only those who are actually laying wreaths should gather around the memorial.Social distancing and face coverings must be worn.Members of the public can observe the ceremony, but from a safe distance ( the parish Council is suggesting that the public), if attending, should observe from the area around the flagpole, respect the rule of 6 for each household / bubble and keep to social distancing, again face coverings to be worn.There cannot be any marching or singing. There will only be one prayer and voices should be kept low and said whilst wearing a face covering.Residents are urged to show their respects by watching national events on television or respecting the two minutes silence on the doorstep rather than coming to the War memorial.Sawley Parish Council recognises the decision to restrict involvement and hopes that everyone will abide by the guidelines.Safety warning.THERE WILL BE NO ROAD CLOSURE THIS YEAR,See link for guidelines.https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/local-authority-preparations-for-remembrance-sunday/local-authority-preparations-for-remembrance-sunday More »

Cll Alan Chewings: Chair of Sawley Parish Council » Less

Sawley will remember them - Covid restrictions

Sawley will remember them - Covid restrictions

Posted: Wed, 07 Oct 2020 12:42 by Bethany Colegate

Sawley will remember them - it will be different this year, but still very respectful.

Unfortunately this year's Sawley's Act of remembrance service will have to be somewhat different to previous years to comply with Covid 19 restrictions.

Because of Covid-19 restrictions this year there will be no road closure, parade, singing or bugler.

The service will be held with the lowering of the flag at 10.55am on Sunday 8th November, followed by two minutes silence at 11am. More »

There will be a few words and a prayer.

The Chair of Sawley Parish Council will call upon a veteran to lay the first wreath, followed by community representatives and community groups. Individuals who have communicated with the clerk will then be invited to lay their tributes of remembrance.

The service will conclude.

We are restricted to having a maximum of 30 people attending the service around the memorial, but we are keen to allow individuals who wish to lay their tributes to do so for this reason if you are from a community group or an individual who wants to take part in the laying of a remembrance tribute please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council at:


We would also respectfully, remind residents that, because there are no road closures, we cannot be held responsible for your safety. Utmost care must be taken.

As the road is not being closed the Parish Council are respectfully recommending that public do not attend and show respect from their door steps at 11 o'clock.

At the conclusion of the memorial service ( when the flag is raised to full mast) we will be asking those assembled to applaud all NHS workers, Carers and key workers for their dedication & work over this difficult period.

Residents who are not at the service - are invited to join together on their door steps to show their respects by having their own two minutes silence at 11am then a round of applause at 11.10am, much like we did during lock down.

Hopefully next year we can join together to remember in our normal act of remembrance.

Thank you for your understanding.

Cllr Alan Chewings Chair Sawley Parish Council

Cllr John Hey-Heddle Chair Remembrance Working Party. » Less

Cllr Alan Chewings, Cllr Dave Doyle and Cllr John Hey Heddle, were pleased to received two commemorative plaques that have been donated to the Sawley community by local artist Mr Martin Wright. The Plaques will be installed on the War Memorial on Lock Lane in time for the VE Day Celebrations.